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Why is a volunteer not receiving emails?

If a volunteer (or admin) isn’t receiving emails from POINT, we recommend following the tips below:

Tip 1: Check your spam folder in your email to make sure POINT emails aren’t going there.
Tip 2: Add this email "noreply@pointapp.org" your email contacts to help make sure POINT emails hit your inbox.
Tip 3: Check to see if there is a typo in your email you used to register on POINT, (believe or not this happens daily). If the email does have a typo follow these steps to add a new email and change your primary email to the new email address. 
Tip 4: Make sure your account email has been verified on POINT. Here's how to verify your email

Tip 5: Some corporate email addresses block outside emails like ours. If you're not receiving POINT emails from a corporate email address, ask your IT team to "whitelist" all emails from pointapp.org. If that can't happen, add an additional email and change your primary email to the new email address.
Tip 6: Additionally, sometimes email providers like Outlook have blocked communications. We recommended Google emails. 


Still not getting our emails?

Send us an email with the following information to support@pointapp.org

1. In your email, let us know which email address you're having troubles with

2. Let us know which version of POINT you are using: 
Apple (iOS) App, Android App or Web platform

2. Please let us know your email provider.
Examples: Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL or others