Why do I need to take another background check on POINT?

There might be a few reasons why you could be requested to complete more than one background check screening on POINT.

Reason 1: Only the nonprofit who requested the screening and yourself has access to the report. So if you are looking to volunteer at two different nonprofits that both require screenings, you would need to complete both screenings. 

For example: If you want to volunteer at an event with the Tortoise Conservancy and you complete a background check screening, only you and the Tortoise Conservancy will have access to that report. If you'd like to volunteer next with the Snake Conservancy, and that nonprofit requires a background check, you'd have to complete a new screening.

POINT takes your personal information seriously and therefore your background checks reports or results are not stored in POINT and are therefore not shared with any other nonprofits or entities on POINT. 


Reason 2: There are different types of background check screenings - Different events or shifts at the same nonprofit might require different levels of screenings. 

For example: In the past you volunteered for at an event with the Children's Foundation that required a "Basic +" Background Check Package. At that event you helped stuff support boxes for children over the summer months.

Now, you want to volunteer with the Children's Foundation directly with the kids. But to do so, you must complete a different check, like a "Custom Check" the Children's Foundation has created. You'd need to complete the "Custom Check" because different background checks include different screenings the nonprofit needs for security purposes. 

Note: POINT does not store reports or results of background check screenings. To view the report, you must login to Checkr.