What emails do managed volunteers recieve?

Managed volunteers contacts are not required to have email addresses in the contact records. However, if the managed volunteer does have an email in their contact record, they will receive the following emails:

Event Related Emails: 

Confirmation Email Notifications: Managed volunteers will receive a confirmation email notification when they are assigned to an event.

Auto Event Email Reminders: Managed volunteers will receive email reminders when they are assigned to an event.

Event Email Updates: If a managed volunteer is participating in an event and the admin sends an event email update, they will also be sent an email.

Direct and Mass Emails: 

Direct Emails: Admins are able to send emails directly to managed volunteers.

Group Emails: If a managed volunteer is part of a group and an admin sends an email to the group, they will be sent an email.

"All Contacts" Emails: Managed volunteer in the contact database will be sent an email along with the entire contact list if an admin sends an email to all contacts.  


If managed volunteers are not receiving these emails, here are troubleshooting steps to help resolve the issue.