What are groups?

Use POINT opportunities to unite volunteers in groups! Groups make it easier for admins to manage and interact with members of an organization. You can group volunteers according to their interests or your needs.

For example, if a school has many students you can use groups to sort them into the appropriate classes. Or if the organization brings together volunteers to help with a series of private events to clean up the park, you can create a group of volunteers to invite to all of those events.

Groups have many advantages and make managing volunteers more effective. 

When you create groups you can:
- Invite volunteers via CSV to the respective groups
- Create private events for the group so that only the volunteers in that group will be able to see and sign up for the event
- Create and manage subgroups
- Assign certain admins to receive notifications for specific groups
- Create notes for groups
- Send emails to only group members
- Separate out your reporting by groups
- Separate out volunteer activity by groups


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