What are groups?

Groups make it easier for admins to manage and interact with members of an organization.  It can be helpful to create volunteer groups with the same roles, qualifications, skills, or even employer. Volunteers can be added to more than one group and you can add subgroups, such as grade level, committees, team, etc.

Groups have many advantages and make managing contacts more effective. 

When you create groups you can:

  1. Import contacts via CSV and associate them with groups (just create contact records)
  2. Invite volunteers via CSV and associate them with groups
  3. Create private events for the group so only members who have been Claimed contacts with private access will have the ability to view and sign up for these events.
  4. Create and manage subgroups
  5. Assign certain admins to receive notifications for specific groups
  6. Create notes for groups
  7. Export CSV contacts list from groups
  8. Send emails to only group members
  9. Move contacts to another group
  10. Separate out your reporting by groups
  11. Separate out volunteer activity by groups
  12. Request Background Checks for group members


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