What is a private event?

A private event means that only certain volunteers will have access to it. Usually, this would be your Claimed contacts with the private access level or a specific group like a corporate partner. When you select the privacy when creating the event, you can choose who can sign up. Only those selected for that specific privacy will be shown the event in their POINT feed. However, if someone is sent the link for that event outside of the private group, they will be able to see the event title but not sign up for it. 

Private for your organization: all claimed contacts with the private access level will be able to see the event.

Private for a group: claimed contacts within the group you selected will be able to see the event. 

Private plus a link: When you create a private event, POINT will ask you if you want to create a link for the event. If you create a link for your private event, any volunteer who meets the criteria you selected will see the event, as well as anyone who has the event link. 


Example of a private event: 

A soup kitchen creates a group for their “Certified Food Handlers” and then creates a private event called “Serving hot meals to our neighbors in the community”. Only the volunteers who have been added to the “Certified Food Handlers” group will be able to see and sign up for the event. 

Example of a private event with a link:
You have a church group that comes often to help out in the food pantry. You make the event private for the group “Community Church”. You want the volunteers in that group to see the event on their app when they log in, but you also want to send the link to the pastor at the church so they can invite more members of their church to sign up and help. 


Where volunteers can see a Private event:

    • On the POINT app or web platform (only if they meet the criteria to sign up for the event)
    • The event link wherever you share it
    • Your website iframe
    • Note: if volunteers click on your private event from the iframe and they are not logged in, the event will show “Private Event” and block all of the information.
    • If a volunteer is logged in and they click on your private event, and they meet the criteria for seeing the event, they will be able to see and sign up for the event. 

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