What to know about Canceling and "No Shows" on POINT

We know that life happens. Sometimes you need to cancel! But we ask you to cancel responsibly, because nonprofits count on volunteers.

Here's guidance on Cancelations and No Shows on POINT: 

Need to Cancel your volunteer registration? Here's how to do that.

Volunteer Cancelations:

In the situation that you have to cancel, please do so as soon as you are aware that you are unable to attend. Please provide at least 24 hours notice before the volunteer opportunity, so the nonprofit has the ability to fill your spot. 

If you have to cancel the day of, or find yourself running late, please reach out to the contact listed on the volunteer opportunity you signed up for to inform them. 

If you cancel repetitively last minute a nonprofit could remove you from their organization if they feel as if they can't count on you showing up. 

If the event host has set a Cancellation Notice, please follow the recommended cancellation date.

No Shows:

Nonprofits use POINT to track attendance for their in-person and virtual events or opportunities. 

When a Nonprofit admin checks you into your volunteer opportunity, they select from 3 statuses: “Checked-In”, “Canceled”, or “No Showed”.  When you appear as “Signed up”, it means an admin has not assigned your attendance status yet. 

“No Showed” will be assigned to you if you do not show up for the volunteer opportunity you confirmed your participation in by signing up on POINT. “No Shows” are tracked on POINT as No Show Ratings. These ratings are shown on your volunteer profile and are shared with the nonprofit. They’re also shared with a company or school you’ve joined (if applicable). 

If there is a significant event or reason why you were unable to attend, you can contact the nonprofit and ask to be marked as “Canceled”.  There is no consequence to your No Show Rating once you are marked as “Canceled”.

If you sign up for events and are “No Showed” multiple times, POINT considers this spam, and your account will be suspended. POINT will make all judgements regarding policies and all decisions are final. 

Here's our official Cancelation and No Show Policy

Questions? Email us at support@pointapp.org