How do I update or reset my login password?

Forgot your password and can't get into your account? Follow the steps below to reset your password.

For volunteers:

If the volunteer has forgotten their login password or wants to change their password follow the steps below (see video below): 

Step 1: Go to the login screen on the web platform or mobile
Step 2: Select Forgot Your Password?.
Step 3: Enter the email address linked to their volunteer profile and click the "Reset" button.
Step 4: Check your email and look for an email called "Reset your password for POINT". From there, click the "Reset Password" button and create a new one. Using the registered email address and a new password, re-login log in to the system. 

*Not Receiving a Reset Email? There could be a few reasons, here's how to trouble shoot

How to reset your password:

For Admins: 

If you can't access your account on login, follow the steps above "For Volunteers". 

If you have access to your POINT account and would like to update your password (see video below): 

Step 1: To update your password for your account on POINT, you will need to login to the dashboard on the web.

Step 2: Once logged in, you will need to make sure you are on the "Admin View". You can

see how to switch from "Volunteer View" to "Admin View" here

Step 3: Then, on the menu of the "Admin View", click on "Profile Settings". You will see "Manage Your Password" where you can update your password. 

How to update your password:




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