How can I edit my organization profile?

Your profile on POINT is important since it’s the first impression someone might have of your organization. Users can search through our nonprofit directory, find your profile, and follow your organization to keep up with you and your events!

To edit your organization’s profile, go to “Profile” located under the “Organization” tab in the menu of the admin dashboard. On the top right corner next to the orange light bulb, click on the pencil button to start editing your profile. 



You can make edits to your logo, background image, organization information, contact info, about and causes. Don’t forget to hit “save” at the bottom of the page when you’re done making edits!


Profile Photo size Ratio : 16:9


Attach a Document to Your Organization Profile: If you have the POINT Pro plan, you can add documents to your organization’s profile. On your organization’s profile in the dashboard, click on the pencil button at the top of the page next to the light bulb. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the “Documents” section. To upload documents from your computer, click on the “+Add Document” button. If the document you want to add is already in your POINT document library, click on “Select from Library”.


Causes: There are 20 different causes on POINT inspired by the United Nations’ Goals for Sustainable Development. 


*Note: These causes are listed randomly, not in order of importance or relevance.


Editing Causes: You can edit the causes your charity represents by navigating to “Profile” on the dashboard sidebar, then clicking the little pencil in the upper right hand corner. Then, add the 2-3 causes that your charity focuses on most. (Don’t worry, you can add or change causes for each event based on what different events support—the ones on your profile should just relate to your overall organizational mission).

Why do they matter: POINT was developed with the goal of connecting people with causes they care about, and users find events based on these causes. Our nonprofit directory is also organized by causes, so it is important that you list all of the causes relevant to your organization so new volunteers can find you. 

These are the descriptions volunteers see on the app when deciding which causes to follow:

  • Animals: Protect and support the wellbeing of pets and wildlife.
  • Poverty: Support communities through poverty alleviation.
  • Food: Promote food security by encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Water & Sanitation: Secure the universal availability and sustainability of clean and safe water.
  • Health: Promote healthy living and disease reduction through prevention, treatment, and research.
  • Education: Increase educational opportunities for all.
  • Equality: Empower disadvantaged and underrepresented groups to achieve equality.
  • Energy: Implement sustainable energy solutions.
  • Arts & Culture: Promote culture and arts at home, in schools, and in communities.
  • Climate: Combat climate change to decrease extreme weather patterns, rising sea levels and temperatures.
  • Infrastructure: Provide lasting infrastructure for families and communities.
  • Conservation: Protect, restore, and educate communities about aquatic and land environments.
  • Peace & Justice: Advocate for inclusive, peaceful societies that provide access to justice for all.
  • Family: Support the changing needs of families in communities.
  • Crisis: Provide relief in the event of natural disasters and other emergencies
  • Refugees: Promote the safety and well-being of refugees by helping them access medical resources, education, and employment opportunities.
  • Homeless: Transform cities to be inclusive, safe, and capable of helping those in need.
  • Consumption: Encourage sustainable consumption of natural resources.
  • Jobs: Support jobseekers and entrepreneurs.
  • Religious: POINT does not support or endorse any particular religion


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