How do you create an organization on POINT?

To create an organization account on POINT, you need to create an account for yourself first. Just like Facebook, you create a personal account and then can add an organization.

You can sign up with either your personal or organization email address. In settings, you can set a primary email, and add or delete email addresses associated with your account. 


Create a POINT account here. 

Your personal profile will be linked to your organization’s POINT account, and give you admin access for your organization. You can also use your profile to sign up to volunteer, on your own time, for any event on the POINT platform. This account will stay yours, even if you’re no longer an admin of an organization. 


Now that you have an account for yourself, you’re ready to create an organization account! 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An organization photo 
  • Organization name
  • Organization type
  • FOR NONPROFITS: EIN tax exempt number: this can be found on your 501(c)3 determination letter, tax paperwork, the IRS website, or the Secretary of State website (we just want to make sure you’re a legit nonprofit) 
  • Organization URL
  • Organizational contact info (probably an info@ email and office phone number)
  • Organization’s mission statement

You’ll also need to fill out some compliance things and look over POINT’s community guidelines.

When setting up your organization, don’t forget to select the causes you support! If you’re a nonprofit, pick the causes that relate best to your organization’s core values or that matter most to your members. Volunteers on the app can click on a cause and see the nonprofits that support it, so it’s important you choose all relevant causes as this helps new volunteers find you.

If you’re a school, business, or other organization, pick the causes that matter the most to your members, or the ones that relate best to your organization’s core values. (For example, a school would probably pick the “education” cause, among any others.)

And congrats! You have your organization account on POINT! Please note that it can take 1-2 business days for your account to be approved. 


Questions? Email us at .