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How to Follow Causes & Nonprofits (for Company)

POINT was developed to connect people with causes they care about, and users find events based on their favorite causes. The 20 different POINT causes are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about them here.

The main admin can have the company account follow causes that your employees care about the most (you can see analytics for their favorite causes on the dashboard). When your company follows a cause, you’ll get notified any time an event that supports that cause is created and can blast it out to your employees!

Causes in orange are ones you follow. You can see which nonprofits support that cause by clicking on it. Your employees have the ability to do this on their app as well.

If you’re wondering exactly what each cause supports, you can see that in the “Cause Details” section. These are the same descriptions that your students see on their app when they follow causes.

How to View and Follow Nonprofits:

If you want to keep up with the nonprofits that your employees like the most, you can follow them on the dashboard. When you follow a nonprofit, POINT will send your company account a notification when that nonprofits posts an event so you can share it with your employees.


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