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Which emails auto-send to volunteers?

POINT sends sign-up confirmations, event reminders, thanks yous and more to volunteers by email automatically. Read our complete list of emails we send and when we send them.

A detailed list of automated volunteer emails are below. Click "Preview" to read the email. 

Note: Our team uses "Tortoise Conservancy" or "Organization Name" as an example nonprofit. Imagine your organization's name and logo in their place. 

     Welcome to POINT - Volunteer Name 
     Use: A new volunteer just created an account on POINT
     Verify your email 
     Use: A new volunteer needs to verify their email 
     "Organization Name" invites you to POINT
     Use: An Admin invited a volunteer to join to the organization. 
     "Organization Name" wants to change your join date
     Use: An admin changed the date of the volunteer joining the organization,             user needs to approve to share past data.  
     You're going to an Event hosted by "Organization Name" on "Date"
     Use: The volunteer signed up for an event
     "Organization Name" has assigned a spot to you at "Event”
     Use: An Admin assigned a spot for a volunteer at a volunteer event
    "Organization Name" has reserved spot for you at "Event"
    Use: An Admin reserved a spot for a volunteer at the event
    "Event" starts this week
    Use: Automatic reminder is sent 7 days before the shift start date
     "Event" starts tomorrow
     Use: Automatic reminder is sent out one day before the start of the event
     Thanks for volunteering with "Organization Name" 
     Use: The admin marked the volunteer as "Checked In" at a volunteer event
     Your registration has been canceled
     Use: The admin marks the volunteer as "Canceled" status for an event 
    Volunteer Shift No Show - You were missed
    Use: The admin marked a volunteer as "No Showed" for an event 
     Event was canceled by "Organization Name"
     Use: An email is sent to signed-up volunteers for an event when an admin             deletes or cancels an event.
     Your volunteer hours were not approved by "Organization Name"
     Use: A volunteer manually added an hour to an organization, but an admin             rejected the volunteer's hours
     See ya later
     Use: The user was removed from the POINT system