What features are included in a Network?

  • All Core & Pro Features
  • Enterprise Capacity
  • Multisite Functionality
  • Volunteer Center
  • In-depth Volunteer Reporting
  • In-depth Impact Reporting
  • Super-Admin Access
  • Team Permissions
  • API Access


You’ll get a dashboard to manage your network and access data to see the community impact your organizations have in their cities.

Invite organizations to join your network on POINT:

Organizations could be large non-profit organizations or local governments. They get access to a volunteer management dashboard to create and co-host events, manage groups, and see statistics.

See statistics from your network:

You automatically get access to network-wide and organization overview stats on volunteer hours, economic impact, causes supported, volunteer trends, and more.

Access data from all organizations in your network:

You’ll automatically be able to track aggregate data across your network, but can also choose from varying levels of access that organizations have to allow in order to join your network. Pick the level of access you need to run your network effectively.

Create events for your network:

Events you create are automatically recommended to the organizations in your network, who can then sign up to participate.

Encourage volunteering through partnerships:

Highlight nonprofits working for causes that matter most to your network, by creating partnerships on POINT that automatically update network members when selected nonprofit partners post new volunteer opportunities.

Select network visibility:

Networks are shown on an organization’s profile, and can be either closed (join by invite only), open (join by requests) depending on the visibility and access you wish your network to have. You can also create an invite-only secret network that is not shown on organization profiles.

Access data from linked organizations:

Every network account owner gets aggregated network-wide data. Depending on your organization and network needs, you can request the level of access you wish to have with your linked organizations.


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