How do I find or see my nonprofit's volunteer events on POINT?

Need to find your organization's events? POINT makes it easy for you to see everything your organization has going on.

For volunteers:

You can follow these directions on the web or app

Join a nonprofit and see their events:

Step 1. A volunteer can search for an organization by clicking on "Join Organization" on the "Home" tab in the volunteer menu. Type in the organization's name in the search bar and click on the orange "join" button. Your request will be pending until an admin accepts it.
Step 2. You can see the organizations you've joined on your "My Organizations" tab. You can go to the organization's profile by clicking on the "view" button under the organization's name. You'll be able to view any public events the organization has on their profile.

*Note: If you still don't see an organization's events, their events might be private or secret - you'll need to wait for the organization to accept your request to join in other to see their private events.

How to join an organization from the web (see video below):

How to join an organization from the app:

Step 1. Select the "Profile" menu option 
Step 2. Look for “Your Organizations” on your profile page and select the "+" button. 
Step 3. Either accept an invite the organization has sent you by clicking the "Accept" button or ask to join the organization by searching for the nonprofit by name, and clicking the button "Join". 

How to search for events using the volunteer tab:

Step 1. Go to the "Volunteer" tab located under "Home" in your volunteer menu.

Step 2. You can search by the organization's name under "Organization" or search for the name of the event in the search bar located under the causes. 

How to search by Organization (see video below):

How to search by event name (see video below):


For nonprofits: 

Tip 1: Nonprofit admins check event privacy settings  - Secret vs Private
(The event could be set as secret, meaning the event isn't searchable in POINT)

If a volunteer is unable to see your events, the nonprofit may need to check their privacy settings for the event. Nonprofits can mistakingly create a secret link instead of a private event for the event, which means that only the people who were directly sent the link can see the event. The nonprofit admin would need to change the event from secret to private for volunteers to search for the event. You can read more about event privacy settings here. 

Tip 2: Nonprofit admins check event privacy settings  - Private groups 
(The event could be private for a specific group)
If private events are created in POINT, volunteers must be internal and must be in the group or program that the event is created for that volunteer to see the event without a direct event link. Nonprofit admins, check to see if an event has been set to a specific group or program and if that volunteer is apart of those groups or programs. 

Tip 3: Nonprofits make it easy on volunteers by send your POINT page or embed your events in your own website
In order to make sure volunteers are always able to see your events (without any searching), we recommend nonprofits use their POINT page as a shareable volunteer hub or embed POINT on their website so that volunteers can sign up directly from the nonprofit website.

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