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How can I train my admin team to use POINT?

Ready to get your whole team on board with your volunteer management processes? Here's how to get started.

One of the benefits of having an easy-to-use volunteer management tool is giving all members of your team the same access to processes. 

Ready to add your team members? You can add admins here and read about admin permissions here. 

Who should have admin access to POINT?

Whoever has access to your volunteer database on the POINT dashboard can be a team conversation. Remember, each admin can set their own notifications. Sometimes Executive Directors or Board Chairs like to have access to view reports.

Remember - you have unlimited admins on POINT!

Here's a list of ideas. 

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Development Coordinator 
  • Executive Director 
  • Board Chair
  • Program Manager (think: the team member who's running the food pantry, mentoring program, shelter, etc.) 
  • Website administrator (to have access to the website integration embed code) 

Tips for Training your team to use POINT

If you're tasked with training your team on how to POINT, here's a few of our best tips. 

  • Schedule a video call with all volunteer team stakeholders. Even if a team member won't be engaging with POINT daily, understanding the volunteer experience and the types of insights your organization will gain from the reporting helps to get everyone on the same page. 
  • In the video call, showcase how your volunteers will be signing up for your volunteer opportunities. If you're going to have your volunteers self-submit hours, make sure to share that! 
  • In training your team, keep the features high level. Share what other admins might need to know. For example, checking in volunteers, viewing reports, or exporting your volunteer database. 
  • Make sure your team knows where to find answers to their questions: by asking you (as the main admin), using the POINT Help Center, or using the live chatbox in the lower right hand corner of the page. 

Need a personalized team Zoom training? That's included in Priority Support under the POINT Pro plan. You can check out the features included in Pro here, and if you're ready to upgrade, you can do that here

Happy Training! If you have any questions or need any help, let us know at support@pointapp.org. We're here for you!