How do I pin an organization in my volunteer menu?

No need to search for the organizations that you've joined on POINT. The "My Org Pin" allows you to pin your organizations to your volunteer menu giving you quick and easy access to them.

How to pin an organization to your volunteer menu (see video below):

Step 1. In the volunteer dashboard menu, click on the down arrow next to "My Organizations" which is located right under "Home".

Step 2. In the dropdown, select "Add Organization" which will take you to the "My Organizations" page. You will see all the organizations that you've joined here. If you haven't joined any, you can search for the organization's name in the search bar at the top of the page to send a request to join.

Step 3. To pin an organization, click on the "Pin" button located to the right of the three dots button under the organization's name. After you pin the organization, you will be able to see them right under your "My Organizations" tab in your volunteer menu. 


How to unpin an organization (see video below):

 To unpin an organization, simply locate the organization on your "My Organizations" page and then click on the "Pinned" button to remove them from your volunteer menu.