What's the difference between owners vs. admins?

On POINT there are both “Owners” and “Admins” and there are distinct differences to keep in mind.

Account Owner: Owners have access to anything organization-wise. By default, this is the individual who creates the POINT account although ownership can be transferred and it’s possible to create several account owners.

P.S. There must always be an account owner.

Owners have the unique ability to:

-Edit the organization profile
-Change admin roles and permissions
-Access the embed code for the POINT website integration
-Change subscription/billing plans and settings
-Change the organization’s volunteer join settings
-Update Volunteer Hour Stat (to calculate your organization’s economic impact)

Account Admins: Admins have full access to POINT except the functionality listed about that’s unique to owners. If your organization needs different or unique admin permissions, please reach out to our team about our Network plan.

Each admin can make an event template available only to himself and use it to create a new event. 


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