How do notifications work on POINT?

Owners and admins can customize the dashboard and email notifications they receive so they can stay up-to-date about relevant organizational activity on POINT.

What types of Notifications do admins receive?

There are two ways that owners and admins are notified about organizational actions and activity: dashboard notifications on the POINT platform, and emails.


To view dashboard notifications:

Navigate to the “Notifications” section on the left hand dashboard menu. Here you will see a list of actions taken by other admins at your organization and your volunteers, as well as anything needed by you (such as approving pending volunteer hours). 

You do not see a list of your own activity (such as creating events), only activities by others in your organization. 

From this list, you can mark individual messages as read or mark all notifications as read.

Notifications are sorted from newest to oldest by date.


What is included in dashboard notifications?
Your dashboard notifications will alert you to all important activities at your organization, such as:  

Volunteer joins/changes

  • A volunteer asks to join your organization
  • An admin has confirmed the user's request to join the organization
  • An admin has rejected the user’s request to join the organization
  • A volunteer has left your organization
  • A volunteer has accepted or declined an invitation to join your organization
  • An admin has deleted a volunteer from your organization


Volunteer actions for events

  • A volunteer signs up for an event 
  • A volunteer cancels their sign up for an event
  • A volunteer asks an admin to confirm pending hours


Admin actions for events

  • An admin has checked-in a volunteer to an event
  • A volunteer was marked as “No Showed” or “Dismissed” for an event
  • Spot reservations have been created or canceled for an event


Event updates

  • An event you are following us updated, deleted, or canceled


Co-hosting events

  • Your organization has been invited to co-host an event
  • An admin at your organization accepted or rejected an invitation to co-host an event
  • Your organization has been deleted from co-hosts by an event organizer
  • All admins get an alert when an event you are co-hosting gets updated
  • Only your organization's co-host contact gets notified when an event is deleted or canceled



  • A POINT user donates to your organization

Updating email notifications
Each admin of the organization has the opportunity to configure and customize their own email notifications. To do this, navigate to the “Settings” section on the left-hand dashboard menu, then select “Email Notifications”. Here you will see a list of all of the possible email notifications you can receive. To stop receiving certain updates, turn the notification to “Off”. You can come back and edit this at any time.


What is included in email notifications? 

Admins get email notifications related to volunteering, events, and networks. 



  • Volunteer spot reservation created 
  • Hours review requested
  • Pending volunteer hours are deleted
  • New volunteer signs up for an event
  • Volunteer cancellations for events 
  • Automatic post-event reminder email to check-in your volunteers 
  • A volunteer wants to join your organization



  • Event you created is published 
  • Event you created is updated (including co-hosted events)
  • Event you created is canceled (including co-hosted events)


Co-hosted Events

  • Invitation to co-host an event 
  • You have been removed as co-host for an event
  • Confirmation after accepting or declining an invite to co-host an event


Following specific events, programs or groups.
An admin has the ability to follow and receive email notifications for specific events, programs, and/or groups. If you create the event/program/group, you automatically follow it. Any other admin can choose to follow as well.

For example, if your organization has several admins, one of them may create an event and add it to a program. Another admin may want to follow this program, so they can also receive email notifications of volunteer signups for events in the program.


How to do it: Go to the details page for the event/program/group. In the upper right corner there is a bell icon with an On/Off switch. To receive a notification, click the bell to turn it on or to stop receiving a notification, click it to turn it off. It will say “ON” or “OFF” next to the bell so you always know which events/programs/groups you are receiving notifications about. 

By turning on specific notifications, that admin will receive email notifications about all activity for that event/program/group. If you follow a program or group, it means you will also receive notifications about active events included in the program or that are private for that group of volunteers.

Examples of email notifications about event/program/group specific activity:

  • A new volunteer signs up or cancels for an event, or a private event for a group you follow
  • Spot reservations have been created for an event or group you follow
  • Post-event reminder email to check-in volunteers 
  • An event has been created in a program you follow


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