How will I know my free POINT Pro trial is ending? What happens when it ends?

You'll receive a couple of emails as reminders that your trial is coming to an end. Also, there's a trial countdown at the top of your admin dashboard.

Email Reminders:

Free trial accounts receive a series of reminder emails at 5 days, 3 days and one day remaining for your free trial. 

Can our organization restart a free Pro trial? 

No, sadly the POINT Pro trial starts when the organization's account is created and cannot be restarted. 

What happens when the free trial ends? 


If you choose not to switch to the Pro plan, your account will be moved to the Core (free) plan and the Pro features will be hidden. If you're curious about the differences between Core and Pro features, you can learn more here.

Don't worry, anything you created during the Pro trial will not be deleted, but it will be temporarily hidden. If you decide to upgrade to Pro later on, all the setup you made during the trial will reappear. For example, let's say you created Programs during the Pro trial but didn't continue with Pro. Those programs will be hidden from both admin and volunteer views.