How do I share my organizations volunteer events?

Once you create your event on POINT, you want to be sure that your volunteers can sign up for it. Here are the 3 ways to share your events: using the event link, your POINT page, and our website integration.


Share event links (see video below): 

Step 1: To share an event with the link, go to the left side menu and click on the “Volunteer” tab then “Manage Events”. This will take you to your event list. Click on the event you want to share.

Step 2: In the Event Details page, scroll halfway down to the “Share” box located on the right of the page. You will see that you can share the link on different social media platforms, or copy and paste the event link to share other places, like your newsletters and emails.

How to share an event link: 


*Note: after you finish creating an event and publish it, a box will appear and provide you with the share details. Volunteers can also share event links on the app or the dashboard!


Share all events using your POINT page (see video below):

You can share your POINT page, which is like a Facebook page that contains all the information your volunteers need to know. 

Step 1: To get to your POINT page, just go to the left side menu and click “Organization” then “POINT Page”. When you click on the “Events” tab on your POINT page, it will take you to a list of all your events.

Step 2: You can copy your POINT page URL and send it to your volunteers, or click the “Share” icon to easily share your POINT page on social media. 

How to share events using your POINT page: 


Share events to website using our iframe integration:

You can integrate POINT on your website. The website integration will pull your POINT volunteer event list into your website, making it easy for your volunteers to sign up from there and have all your data captured on POINT.  

To set up your website integrations  click on the “Organization” tab in the left menu on the dashboard and then select “Integrations” in the dropdown. You can set this up to power your website’s volunteer events list with POINT. For more detailed instructions, see our help article for website integration


How to access your embed code for your website integration:


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