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How do you assign volunteers to an event?

Admins can assign spots to volunteers for any event. You can assign any open spot, or you can use reserved spots for the group. These can be assigned to volunteers who may or may not have a POINT account. All you need is their email and name.

*Note: This is great for assigning a spot to an older volunteer who doesn’t use technology, or if you have a last minute volunteer that shows up to an event. Assigning or reserving spots are helpful in group signups as well. 


How to Assign a Volunteer to an Event (see video below):

1. Access the admin dashboard of your organization's page and click on "Volunteer" in the left-side menu. Then, select "Manage Events" from the dropdown menu.
2. You will be taken to the Events List page. Choose the event you want to assign a volunteer to.
3. On the Event Details page, go to the "Volunteer List" tab below the event's cover photo. This will show you the volunteer roster for the event.
4. Click on the orange "Actions" button on the right side and select "Assign Spots" from the dropdown menu.
5. If the volunteer has a POINT account, enter their registered name or email and their account will show up.
6. Click on the "+" button next to their name and then hit the "Assign Spot" button located at the bottom of the box.

How to Assign a Volunteer to an Event: 

How to Assign a Volunteer to a Shift:

To assign a volunteer to a shift, follow the same steps as before. However, the last step is to select the shift(s) you want to assign a volunteer to.

 select shift 2


How to assign an unregistered volunteer to an event:

If your volunteer doesn’t already have a POINT account, to assign them to an event you will need to type in an email address and then select “Create Managed Volunteer”, enter their first and last name, and then click “Assign Spot”  to sign them up.

Find out more about Managed volunteers here.  

Event Details _ POINT


However, a Managed volunteer will not have access to their POINT account or their hours from the event. We strongly encourage volunteers to create their own POINT account to increase engagement with future events and to be able to track their own impact.


How can I use the reserved spots for the volunteer group:

The admin has the ability to manage the spots reserved for a group of volunteers, for example, Assign a specific volunteer, thereby using the spot. 

To assign a volunteer to a reserved spot, follow the same steps as before and go to the Volunteer List. Look for your reserved spots for the group and if there are any unclaimed spots left, you can use the "Assign Spots" button to assign a volunteer from that group to the spot.


asssign spot for reserved group


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