How do you add an event co-host?

To add an organization as a co-host, they MUST have already created a POINT account for their organization. Follow the steps below in the event creation process to invite another organization to co-host a volunteer event with you.

Step 1: First, create an event. When you are in the event creation form, you will see a “Hosts” section. To add a co-host to the event, toggle “Yes” next to the question “Is this event cohosted?

Step 2: After that, click on the “Add Co-Host” button. 

Step 3: In the pop up, search for the name of the co-hosting organization. When you find the correct organization, check the box next to the organization name. Then click the orange “Add” button. 

Step 4: Enter an email address of one of the admins at that organization to verify them as co-host. By "admin" we are referring to an organization's POINT account admin. If you do not know this email, please reach out to the person you are coordinating the event with to ask for it. This process cuts down on spam requests. 

Step 4: When your event is published, your co-host will get an invitation email prompting them to respond to the request. They will also get a notification on their POINT dashboard. An admin must accept or deny the co-host invitation.


Your co-host will be able to invite their internal employees directly through POINT without sending any links. Co-hosting events cuts down on email communication - both hosts will have access to event signups, volunteer profiles, and impact statistics.

Getting an error message?

Make sure the email you typed in is actually the email admin on POINT for their organization. If the email you have is for a member of their organization, but not an admin for their POINT account, you will need to ask for an admin’s email. 

Reminder: Co-host invites expire 1 hour before the event begins. 


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