How do I know I'm approved to volunteer after a background check?

View "Your Upcoming Events" to check your event registration status. A completed background check on POINT, doesn't automatically mean you've been approved to volunteer - make sure to check the particular event for your registration status.

From the web platform

Step 1: Select "Volunteer" from the left side menu 

Step 2: Select "Your Upcoming Events" tab in the top of the page 

Step 3: Find the event which required the background check. If you are approved to volunteer, there will be a green tag with a registration status saying "Your registration is confirmed and approved, see you soon!". 

Note: An approved registration status does not mean a volunteer has "passed" a background check screening. However, it does mean that the nonprofit which requested the check has approved the volunteer for an opportunity or event.

POINT does not store reports or results of background check screenings. To view the report, you must login to Checkr.