How do I find the status of my background check?

All of the background checks you've been invited to complete will be listed on the volunteer background check page.

From the web platform (see video below): 

Step 1: In the volunteer view of the web platform, click "'Account"

Step 2: From the drop down menu under account select "Background Checks"

Step 3: All of the background checks you've been invited to complete will be listed on this background check page. The status of each background check is listed in the table. 

Background Check Status Types:


Status Type:                            Next Steps:

Status (8)Check your email! The background check company Checkr, needs you to submit information for your background check to be processed.

Status (9)Your background check invite has expired. (Invitations expire after 7 days.) For more information or to request another background check, contact the requesting organization.

Status (10) Watch for your report to completed. 

An estimated completion date will be displayed in POINT.

Status (11)To view the report, login to Checkr.

To determine whether or not you are approved for any volunteer                                                          events or shifts you signed up for, check your Upcoming Events in                                                       POINT.

Status (12)You have contacted Checkr to dispute information in your completed report. To view details, login to Checkr

Status (13)Your report stopped processing, more information is needed for this background check. Login to Checkr: to provide the requested additional information.

Status (14)Your background check screening was canceled. To view details, login to Checkr:


Note: Completed does not mean a volunteer has "passed" a background check screening. "Completed" simply means that the screening process has been completed. If a check has been completed, the nonprofit which requested the check must approve the volunteer for an opportunity or event. POINT does not store reports or results of background checks. 

Note: Background Check reports or results are not stored in POINT. Only the Nonprofit which requested the check and yourself have access to the background check report.