How do I access a volunteer background check report?

Volunteer's background check reports are not stored in POINT, they are only stored in Checkr. However, POINT stores the status of the screening.

If you'd like to view a volunteer candidate's background check you can go directly to your Checkr account and search for the volunteer by name. Or you can find the quick links to a volunteer's Checkr Profile in POINT. 

Where to find quick links to a volunteer's background check screening in POINT:

1. Volunteer Profile: Navigate to a volunteers profile from the "People" option in the left hand side menu or click on a volunteers photo thumbnail on pages like "Event CheckIn". In each volunteer profile there is a Tab labeled "Background Checks". There, the statuses of the background checks they have underwent specific to your organization will be listed. If available, a link to their background check will be listed there. 

2. Background Check Page: Navigate to "People", then select "Background Checks" in the sub menu. This will show a list of all the screenings underway for your organization. If available, a link to a volunteer's background check in Checkr will be listed there for easy access. 

3. Checkr Integration Page:  Navigate to "Organization", Select "Integrations" in the submenu, then select "Checkr" amongst the integration options. If your Checkr account is setup and connected, you'll see an button labeled "View my Background Checks". This will also take you to the background check page noted above.