How can I join an organization on POINT?

Want to see all the volunteer opportunities your organization has going on? Here's how you can by joining their organization on POINT.

How to join an organization (on the web):

Step 1. In your volunteer dashboard, click on "Add Organizations" under "My organizations"

Step 2. You can type the organization's name in the search and the click the orange "join" button next to the organization's name in the drop down.

Step 3: If the organization's doesn't require the admin to accept your request, then you're all set. You can checkout the organization by clicking on the button that says "view" 

*Note: Some organizations require an admin to approve request to join their organization. You'll see that your request is "pending if that's the case. 

How to join an organization from the web:

How to join an organization from the app:

Step 1. Select the "Profile" menu option 
Step 2. Look for “Your Organizations” on your profile page and select the "+" button. 
Step 3. Either accept an invite the organization has sent you by clicking the "Accept" button or ask to join the organization by searching for the nonprofit by name, and clicking the button "Join".