How can I export my data?

Need to export your data to share with your board members or show how your volunteers are impacting your organization? There are a few ways to do so on POINT!

Exporting data from your Volunteer Stats (see video below): 

Step 1. Under the "Report" tab select "Volunteer Stats"

Step 2. In the "Volunteer Stats" page, you can filter by Date Range, Groups, and by Program (if you have the Pro Plan
Step 3. Once you have the filters set, click the "Export" on the top right-hand corner which will provide a PDF of your volunteer stats 


How to export your volunteer stats: 

Exporting data from Contacts (see video below):

Step 1. Under the "People" tab click on "Contacts"

Step 2. On the Contacts page click on the orange "Actions" and then select "Export CSV" in the dropdown

Step 3. The "Export Volunteer Data" box will come up where you can select the fields you need and the date range.

Step 4. Once you select the information you need, click on the orange "Export CSV" button at the bottom of the box

How to export data from Contacts:


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