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How do you delete contacts?

There are two methods to remove Contacts from your organization: individually or in bulk. Deleting contacts from your organization is a permanent action that cannot be reversed. However, it is important to note that contacts with event signups cannot be deleted and have instead been archived to keep activity records. You can also archive any contact if you want to keep its record. 

Remove individual contact:

  1. To delete volunteers individually, go to “People” and then “Contacts” and find the name of the person you want to remove. Find the box with the 3 dots (“...”) in the same row as their name and click “Delete”. You must confirm this action by clicking “Delete volunteer” in the popup box.
  2. You also have the option to access the contact's profile, locate the top right corner, and click on the orange "Actions" button. From there, you can choose "Delete" from the drop-down menu.


Mass remove Contacts (see video below) 

You can remove a lot of contacts at once (such as deleting seniors when they graduate and are no longer involved with your organization). 

1.  Use the left side menu on your admin dashboard and click “People” then “Contacts” 

2. Use the checkboxes to check whom you want to delete. You can also use the Sort and Filter functions to find a certain category of contacts and use the checkbox at the top to select all of the people on that list.  

3. Once the contacts all have a checked box, locate the top right corner and click on the orange Actions" button. Then, select "Delete Contacts" from the dropdown menu.

4.   A confirmation pop-up labeled "Delete Contacts" will appear, displaying the selected contacts in a box. This allows you to review and confirm your selection before proceeding to delete the contacts.

5. Click on the "Delete" button to successfully delete the contacts from your organization.

None: Contacts with event signups cannot be deleted and have been archived.


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