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How do volunteers find your nonprofit or organization?

Choose how volunteers find you on POINT. There are a few different ways that volunteers can find your organization on POINT. 

Your website:

You can integrate POINT with your own website. POINT automatically pulls your volunteer opportunities to your website making it easy for volunteers to sign up directly from your website. 


POINT page

Your POINT page is your shareable volunteer hub. It has everything your volunteers need to know about your volunteer program. You can share your POINT page URL via email or social media. Volunteers can also sign up directly for volunteer opportunities from your POINT page. 


On the web

Volunteers can login to POINT here, on our web platform. They can join your organization and see everything you have going on. They can also easily sign up for volunteer opportunities on the web platform as well. 


On the app

Volunteers can download the POINT app for iOS or Android making it super easy to volunteer on the go. Just like the web, volunteers can join your organization and sign up for volunteer opportunities with one click. 


Questions? Email us at .