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Check volunteer invitation issues

Errors in the individual invitation:

1. Empty fields or incorrect data

The fields First Name, Last Name, Email Address are a requirement, the volunteer's email must be valid.

*The field will be displayed in red and hover over the tooltip to understand the error reasons.



Frame 164 (12)

2. Duplicate volunteer email

Error "Duplicate entry" will be displayed in the invitation result popup.

Frame 164 (11)

Errors when uploading a CSV file:

1. You have uploaded a file with the wrong structure or the string name requirements are not met.

Error reason:

The structure of your CSV file isn’t correct.
We couldn’t find the rows for ‘firstName’, ‘lastName’, and/or ‘email’


Frame 164 (10)


Next spet: Please ensure these rows are included, adjust your file accordingly, and attempt the upload again.

2. The file content is invalid.

We have identified the errors and will show you in detail what to fix. For easy search, we will indicate the place where the issue occurred in the file. 

Row - row number where there are issues 
Columns - column names where there are issues 
Error - еhe explanatory reason for the error

Frame 164 (9)


Next step: Please, edit the CSV file on your computer and correct these issues.
Then attempt the import CSV file process again.