How do your volunteers use POINT?

POINT is a volunteer’s starting point (pun intended) to do more good.

Volunteers can find opportunities in their city or ways to help from home, search for local nonprofits in their area and can send Venmo-like donations or gift items off a nonprofit registry. POINT makes it easy to track your volunteer’s individual impact (volunteer hours, donations, and organizations supported) and even makes volunteering with friends easy! 

There are different ways a volunteer can sign up to volunteer with nonprofits. 

Your website (powered by POINT)

  • You can connect your website to POINT through our website integration. By embedding our iframe to your website, POINT will automatically pull your volunteer opportunities to your website, making it easy for volunteers to sign up directly from your website. 

POINT Platform 

  • Web Access 
  • Volunteers can create and access their POINT account from the web. They can login to the dashboard  where they can sign up for volunteer opportunities, find nonprofits, self-submit hours, and track their impact.
  • App Access
    • Volunteers can also access POINT by downloading the mobile app via iOS or Android. Everything done on the web, like signing up for volunteer opportunities and tracking their impact, can also be done on the mobile app. The app makes volunteering as easy as getting an Uber! 


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