What are Networks at POINT?


Networks by POINT is a platform for bringing many different organizations together in one network to coordinate, track and report on volunteering. Networks can be used by large non-profit organizations (such as the American Heart Association which has lots of local chapters) and local governments (this enables them to bring local nonprofits, government departments, and even businesses, religious organizations, and schools together).


What’s a Network?

Think of a Network like a giant umbrella. The Network owner (such as a headquarters) can include all of their chapters/organizations under their umbrella. Each chapter/organization has a POINT account that they can use just like a regular organization, but the Network owner can see all of the aggregated data for organizations in their network. By creating a network, you link organizations together, so you can see network-wide statistics, enable collaboration, easily source thousands of volunteer opportunities, and streamline cross-organizational communication.

With Networks, your organizations get access to our volunteer management dashboard, and individual members of your network organizations use POINT’s free app to find and sign up for volunteer events in their community.


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