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Why can’t I use the same email address for the dashboard and the app?

If you are in a charity administrative role and register your organization for POINT, this is for you. 

The POINT dashboard is unique and exclusive to charities and organizations who utilize POINT office-wide. For that reason, the email address registered is unique to that organization only and represents its entirety (for example, an office ‘info’ or general address).

The POINT app, on the other hand, is personalized for individual users, and necessitates the use of a personal email address (this can be a user’s personal work email, as long as it was not used to register their organization).


Plain and simple: the POINT dashboard is meant for your work at your nonprofit, the app is meant for you – personally.

The app is for you to use. You can sign up to go to events at your organization or at others. What if there’s a gala you want to go to? Or a concert benefiting a charity? You’ll want to have the freedom to sign up for that and invite your own friends.

POINT is here to make your life as an administrator easier. Have suggestions on how we can do that? Let us know!


Questions? Email us at support@pointapp.org .