How do you create an event?

Ready to get started and create your first event? Our event creation form is easy to navigate and helps cut down on your pre event communication! See the video below on how to create an event.

To create a new event on your administrative dashboard, click the blank event template. Or better yet, create an event from a template that you've already made by simply choosing a template that will prefill the information in the create an event page utilizing the information in the template (nifty, right?!). 

We will ask you for a bunch of general information that we need to post your event live to your volunteers or to the public. Fill in as much as you can!

After filling in your event information, scroll down the page and publish the event. This will make that event live to the masses, or you can save it as a draft and keep it handy for later use.

Once your event is published, it will be viewable on your managed events page or in your calendar.

How to create an event:


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