How does Self Submitted Hours Work?

When you mark a volunteer as “checked-in” to an event, their hours automatically get added to your organization’s stats and the volunteer’s profile. However, volunteers and admins can also add self-submitted hours for things like work done outside of a posted volunteer event. 



Volunteers can add their own hours from their POINT profile on the app or web platform, and mark that those hours went to your nonprofit. They can even specify if it was for a particular program. For those hours to be tracked in your nonprofit dashboard and show up in your organization’s statistics, all your admins have to do is hit “Approve”. It gives volunteers flexibility, but still allows for accountability. And it’s so easy!


Organization Admins 

With POINT Pro or POINT Network plans, your organization admins can add volunteer hours from their dashboard for a particular volunteer, and indicate if it was for a specific program. These hours are then tracked on your nonprofit dashboard and reflected in your organization's statistics. This gives admins flexibility and allows for accountability.


With POINT Core, admins cannot add self-submitted hours on a volunteer’s behalf. However, volunteers can add their own self-submitted hours and your admins can still approve them. 


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