What are Managed Volunteers?

Managed Volunteers are POINT volunteer accounts that are created and fully managed by your organization’s admins. Remember - these accounts cannot be accessed by volunteers.

Note: Since volunteer accounts cannot be merged in POINT, Managed Volunteers are accessible by your nonprofits admins. Volunteers will not have access or will be able to claim these accounts.

If you are trying to onboard your volunteers, invite them to join POINT. Here's how to do that

When do you use a manage volunteer account?

We only suggest managed accounts for volunteers who don't have access to tech or volunteers who might be nontechnical.

For example, you might be a nonprofit who has a regular volunteer who is elderly and doesn’t have a smartphone or use the computer, but you want their volunteer hours counted in your statistics. You can create a Managed volunteer profile for them and sign them up for the events they will volunteer at. 



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