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What are volunteer statuses?

On the Contacts page of your dashboard, you can see different labels next to your volunteer’s names. Here is a guide for what all of those statuses mean.

Internal – This volunteer is a part of your organization. This includes volunteers who you invited to join your organization and they accepted, or who asked to join your organization and your admins accepted. These volunteers can see your organization’s private events. 

External – This volunteer has signed up for and been checked in for one or more of your events, and has approved hours or donations. They have not been invited to join your organization and cannot see your private events. You can invite any External volunteer to join your organization, and when they accept, they will be marked as an Internal volunteer. 

Invite Pending – This is for a volunteer you have invited to join your organization. They have a POINT account, but haven’t accepted your invitation yet. If you want to remind them to accept the invite, find the 3 dots next to their name (“...”) and hit “Resend”. Or you can ask the volunteer to go to their profile, tap “Settings”, then click “Your Organizations”. From there they can click “Accept” for your invite. 

Invite Sent – This is for a volunteer you have invited to join your organization. They have not yet created a POINT account or they have a POINT account under a different email than the one you invited them with. If their account is associated with a different email, you can send a new invite to them by clicking “People” then “Contacts” then “Invite volunteers” under the orange “Actions” dropdown.

Note: Invited volunteers receive an email invitation with a link to create an account. If the person creates an account using this link, your request to them to join your organization will be automatically approved. 


Pending – This is when a volunteer has requested to join your organization. Click the 3 dots next to their name ("...") and tap “Confirm” to accept the volunteer as an Internal volunteer or “Decline” to not accept them and keep them as an External volunteer.

Managed - These volunteer accounts are manually created and managed by admins of the organization. Often this is for regular volunteers at your nonprofit who don’t want to create a POINT profile (think: your 92 year old volunteer who doesn’t have a smartphone or regularly get online). Admins can create and edit this volunteer’s profile and assign this volunteer to events with your organization.


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